Intelligence – The True Measure Of Civilization

The Best Feature of Artificial Intelligence

Recently there has been an interesting debate about the place of Intelligence in the History of Civilization. Here we are to tell you about Intelligence – The True Measure of Civilization. Some argue that the smarter human species should have created smarter machines and hence the race for supremacy ended at the level of the human brain.

This view, although noble, is not supported by the observations of all humans. Indeed there have been a great many times when Human intelligence has elevated itself above the animal kingdom and this has come from the independent thinking abilities of our species. Many more examples are found in some of the biographies of human greatness.

Intelligence - The True Measure of Civilization
Intelligence – The True Measure of Civilization

We are beginning to understand the benefits of giving intelligence to the super-intelligent Human. This is the true measure of intelligence. Give it to a car or a farm and it will not be as smart as a super-intelligent machine. The car will still be stupid.

Benefits Of Intelligence

Not only does intelligence vary between the different ways of life, but so does intelligence in animals. Consider this: you are looking at a dog and it thinks.

Think it’s dumb? This is because the intelligence that differentiates us from the dog is in the mind of man. But what are you looking at with all those eyes?

You are looking at the mind of the dog. And a human mind is not a stable place where intelligence can get from one level to another. What I mean is, look at the human brain.

The lifestyle Of Men And Women

Intelligence - The True Measure of Civilization
Intelligence – The True Measure of Civilization

Do you see that men and women now live in a much more complex society than before? More humans live in cities and live in towns than in any time in history. And you wonder why there are wars? The complex societies are there to be sure, but they are not a stable place for intelligence to exist.

The same is true with the animals. Some humans have shown a tendency to improve their intelligence and their thinking ability by immersing themselves in a different culture and manner of living. But is this the place of intelligence?

Consider one case: it is sometimes said that Einstein did not become a genius in his teens, it was a close call. To suggest he did is to open the door to many other theories. Do you want the intelligence of your children to go through this door? You can ask them if they are mentally capable of self-control.

The Lifestyle Of Children

Intelligence - The True Measure of Civilization
Intelligence – The True Measure of Civilization

Your child may have something wrong with it, in that they think they should have all the power and in their own way they are doing that. They do not realize that they are still inferior and they have no real mastery of things, even though they try to do so.

But some of the races live in very different tribes and they could well have greater intelligence than we do. Perhaps they will help us in our own ways and in the same way they helped the Egyptians, the Babylonians, and the Romans. And remember, this intelligence is not some kind of secret.

Many of the leading scientists in Artificial Intelligence believe that we are just at the beginning of the steps towards that great day. It seems that the main reason for getting intelligent machines to be smarter than humans is to make sure that humans do not take over and cause untold suffering and destruction. Maybe we are there already?

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