Artificial Intelligence With Python – All The Books You Need

Artificial Intelligence With Python - All The Books You Need

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more critical in the modern scenario. Since it is at its peak now, it makes sense as to why people should invest in understanding the concept. The applications of artificial intelligence were far too broad and many, including intelligent recommendation systems, auto speech recognition systems, AI-driven apps, AI-driven Internet of Things, and many more. Here are some great books that can help you get started on Artificial Intelligence with Python. 

Artificial Intelligence With Python By Prateek Joshi

This book is a comprehensive guide to the world of artificial intelligence with Python. It helps to explore and create intelligent applications with python code. The presence of well-illustrated and relevant examples helps to make this book more interesting. This book is mainly targeted to the Python developers who want to make AI-driven applications, and it is suitable not just for advanced python users but beginners too. This book will help you to understand the various classification as well as regression techniques, elaborate on the topic of clustering and automatic segmentation of data as well as help you to make an intelligent recommendation program. Also, it has models and designs to make automatic speech recognition as well as AI-driven gaming. 

Python: Beginner’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence By Denis Rothman

This book provides detailed knowledge of the techniques required by one to delve deep into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These concepts, along with ideas, lie deep learning and data analysis, are taught from the basics with real and practical examples. It also helps to make powerful predictive models with the assistance of Python libraries. There are also instances of combining deep learning with machine learning. This course aims to provide an in-depth view of Artificial Intelligence with Python.

The book is supplemented by real-life case studies to aid learning. This book is for people who are familiar with Artificial Intelligence as well as Python. They can learn more about machine learning as well as deep learning. Also, they can create AI-driven solutions to the problems of the present. Although beginners, too, can get a lot out of the book, prior knowledge is essential. Only then, you can understand the complex cases in the book. 

Deep Learning With Python By Francois Chollet

This book is suitable for anyone who wants to explore more in the subject of deep learning. It can come in handy not just for beginners but also for advanced level programmers. It provides a realistic view of the subject of deep learning. The author uses snippets of codes to explain in a more illustrative way. There are several examples in the book with detailed explanations and recommendations that will help in cracking problems. Completion of this book will give you a complete understanding of the meaning of deep learning. You can also learn its applicability, as well as its shortcomings. It can help one become more familiar with the workflow and how to address common issues. 


Artificial Intelligence is here and is dominating our world. It is time to learn more about it and harness it. It will allow not only a better application of the same in the real world. Also, it helps us stay updated with the promising technologies that can change the way humans live their lives. Learning Artificial Intelligence with Python is one of the most intuitive ways to know more about the subject matter. Its applications and the books mentioned above will surely help in making the process easier and better. 

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