Artificial Intelligence Types Available -

Artificial Intelligence Types Available

Artificial Intelligence Types Available

Have you heard about the four artificial intelligence types? The most recurring and frequent view of artificial intelligence research breakthroughs is that it is intelligent and sentient, and machines are on the horizon. The best part is that gadgets can easily understand the verbal commands drive cars, distinguish pictures, and play games in a better way than human beings.

Artificial Intelligence Types

There are four kinds of artificial intelligence which are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence Types Reactive Machines

These are the most basic artificial intelligence systems and are entirely reactive. Reactive machines cannot form any memories or use past experiences to develop present decisions. The chess-playing computer, Deep Blue competing even with international Grandmaster is the best example of this kind of machine. The Deep Blue supercomputer can quickly identify the chessboard pieces and know how to make the moves. It can predict the movements of the opponent and quickly select the optimal steps from the available possibilities. But it does not have any memory to recognize the past or remember what happened in the past. This kind of artificial intelligence involves the system perceiving the global actions directly and acting according to the views. It completely avoids relying on the internal concept of the globe.

Artificial Intelligence Types Available
Artificial Intelligence Types Available

Limited Memory

In this type II class, machines can quickly get a view of the past. Self-driving cars can efficiently perform this action. For instance, they observe the direction and speed of other vehicles. This is not possible to conduct in just a few moments. It needs to identify some specific elements and monitoring the same over a while. Pre-programmed self-driving cars include essential information. It includes traffic lights, lane markings as well as other crucial factors like road curves, etc. These elements included in the cars can help a lot when it comes to avoiding cutting off other drivers or getting hit by the nearby vehicles.

Mind Theory

It is the most critical path that creates a fine line between the machines that will be designed in the future and the devices we have in the present. Gadgets in more advanced classes will form the representation of the globe, along with the entities or agents in the world. From the aspect of psychology, the word ‘mind theory’ can define this subject – the understanding that objects, creatures, and people across the globe can have emotions and thoughts that affect their own set of behavior.

Artificial Intelligence Types Available
Artificial Intelligence Types Available


It is the last step of artificial intelligence development that is used to develop systems to form representations about their shelves. Artificial intelligence researchers need not only have to understand consciousness but create machines that have the same. Consciousness is also known as self-awareness for a specific reason. Conscious people are quite aware of themselves. They can predict the feelings of other people and accurately know about their internal states. For example, if anyone is continuously honking in traffic behind us, then we can understand that the person is impatient or angry. We are assuming this fact from the feeling that we have when we are in traffic, honking at others. Without mind theory, i.e., type 3 artificial intelligence, it is just not possible to make this kind of interference.

Well, we are quite far from developing machines that have a self-aware feature. But we should give our best possible efforts towards the ability to make decisions based on past experiences. It is an essential step towards understanding the human intelligence system on its own.

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