Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Healthcare – Machine Treating Patients

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Now that we live in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) world. AI is significantly changing all the industries on how they do business. All the people accept and leverage the features of Artificial Intelligence in any form of their day to day use. Health care is also one of the fields which are predominately utilizing AI technology. Also, helps in treating patients to dragonizing diseases. 

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Machine Treating Patients
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Machine Treating Patients

Moreover, AI is taking healthcare to the next level. After research, AI scientists launch a mini-robot that stays with the patient and helps them take care of themselves. Yes, it is now happening. It is truly a significant accomplishment in the healthcare industry. 

Mabu “The Robot”

Mabu is one of the cutest inventions of AI. The robot helps take care of the patient’s progress after surgery. Byrd is a heart patient who is 68-year-old underwent an operation to implant a microvalve in his heart. 

To make sure his heart is functioning right, his doctors need to be on top of Byrd’s short breath. Hence Mabu has been sent with him as part of testing, and indeed, it takes care of Byrd very one. Mabu is with Bryd for almost one year now. It is the Success of AI in the healthcare industry

As a part of the day to day routine, Mabu does the following things:

  1. She greets and interacts with the patient often
  2. It reminds the patient to take his medicines on time
  3. Also, Alerts the patient by call / Message.
  4. Study the patient every day and send the reports to doctors daily.
  5. In case of any emergency, Mabu calls the hospital helpline by itself to arrange for quick help from the hospital.

Advantages Of Having An AI Robot 

  • The patient does not have to visit the hospital every often for check-ups. Especially for the patients with heart disease. 
  • It will give an excellent companion for the patients who stay alone. It can be like your buddy friend who concerns about your overall wellness.
  • Send reports about your everyday progress to the doctors to make sure you are okay and healing. 

Disadvantage Of AI Robot

  • It is wired, and of course, electricity is a must to charge. 
  • It cannot provide the human touch and feel to say everything will be alright.

Meanwhile, reading images like MRIs, CT scans, and x-rays and analyzing the tissue samples are the other areas where AI outshines the doctors. 

Ultimately, it gives more accurate results by saving hours of human efforts. It eases the doctors to treat the patients quickly with accurate diagnosing results. Artificial Intelligence connects the space between doctors and computer systems.

Moreover, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the AI diagnosing methods. AI also plays a significant role in diagnosing cancer. It even detects the minor particles that could be the cause of disease.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Machine Treating Patients
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Machine Treating Patients

Will AI Replace The Doctors? 

There is a controversial question around the people that AI is going to replace the doctors, and patients are going to talk to the computer screen. No, it is not!   

AI will not replace the doctors; instead, it will only help the doctors to automate the routine things and understanding the disease even faster. 

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