All About The AI Duet And Its Facts


First of all, Artificial intelligence has enough economic momentum to move quickly to become the key element of all aspects of our daily life. However, AI Duet is its next step. Initiating, from smart home to an autonomous car, it hasn’t left anything, but there is still a way to go and the progress of smart automation will also be strongly influenced by the productive human resource behind it, is when millennials enter the scene. This generation of teenagers or young adults, to whom the title of generation Y is also attributed, is formed by people born from the 80s. More specifically, individuals between 25 and 34 years old, who identify with technology and with full exposure to it, but similarly, they are driven to be an active part of their development.

The number of universities that enable a new chair or career with a close link with AI duet is growing. Spain has promoted the professional training of millennials with degrees, masters, doctorates and, also, with introductory courses to this growing world where connectivity will be full. Universities from the UPM, the UCM or to the UAM, are strongly committed to this considered disruptive technology. The previous step to consolidate yourself as a seasoned professional in areas such as AI or robotic process automation (RPA) is a bachelor’s degree with an important foundation in mathematics and engineering. For example, computer science, mathematics, physics or engineering, such as telecommunications or industrial engineering.

All About The AI Duet And Its Facts
All About The AI Duet And Its Facts

Mathematical, Physical And Statistical

In systems related to machine learning, performance and computational complexity become vitally important. That is why millennials must have sufficient expertise, acquiring knowledge in programming languages, of a functional type such as Phyton, a free of deep learning, such as TensorFlow, or in object-oriented languages ​​such as Java. Similarly, in AI duet, consistent knowledge of SQL will be very useful.

Computer Science, Telecommunications, Industrial Or Electronic Engineers

Within artificial intelligence, having skills in infrastructure, languages, architectures, and environments will be a significant step in favor. However, in addition to deepening your mathematical skills, it must become a strong point.

Millennials constitute a whole new social group, where premium technology. In recent projections, this generation Y will be the main consumer and employment group. It will achieve only in the United States, get 75% of the workforce by 2025. Another enlightening data on how AI duet continues to set trends. We observe it in the many companies that are born day by day.

Artificial Intelligence Will Introduce New Ways Of Life

The dynamics that AI duet put on the table encourage millennials to enter the attractive field of constant learning. And is that having solid STEM knowledge (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) will be the key starting point in future personal success. In addition, in the current scenario there are companies that have committed to the massification of AI, and on the way to open the doors to the training of more people.

All About The AI Duet And Its Facts
All About The AI Duet And Its Facts

The figures are a clear example of this and we observe that the estimates are really promising. Moreover, the current percentages predict for the year 2020 a deficit of 20 million professionals in this area. This data should serve as an encouragement to position yourself. Moreover, it must present you as a reputed professional in a technological market that claims specialists and brilliant minds.

In addition, there are also a large number of reasons to consider intelligent automation the next great step for humanity. Areas such as robotics, computational intelligence or robotic process automation will serve as pillars within the multidisciplinary field represented by AI. The enormous existing demand and the enormous shortage of talent make it possible for young people with great taste for technology to be part of this new era.