5 Scary Inventions Of Modern Technology That Scientists Try To Hide – Number 4 Is A Potential Game-Changer

DNA Hacking

In 2010, the world’s first synthetic and self-replicating chromosome was built that can quickly heal disease and repair bodies. To make sure it was a success, the experiment was held on a bacteria, and fortunately, it successfully grew and divided. Biologists are currently planning to figure out programs for viruses and bacteria to offer custom cures using the same experiment. However, the scary part of this invention is that now bioterrorist engineers can target us at the genetic level. Moreover, it is found that some experts are preparing a positively bad cold. The cold will affect the weak link in the DNA. Thus, weakening our immunity. So to be safe from DNA hacking, try to make use of rubber gloves and hairnet.


For sure, the next war will be either a Cyber War or a nuclear war. However, both scenarios are highly dangerous. It is even difficult to imagine that an alien nation is attacking the electronic infrastructure. For illustration, it means that a government loses its control over the electrical grid, water, fuel, and of course, eCommerce. In 2013 they suspected that terrorist organizations were offering training to the operative of the first Cyber War. Therefore, the only actionable way to protect yourself is to have enough education about computer viruses and antiviruses.

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